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Translating to Soft Tissue:
Mechanical engineers help with knee injuries by developing computational models to characterize ligaments.


Farming Goes 3-Dimensional:
Vertical farming offers opportunities to grow more crops on a smaller footprint, especially in urban areas. It also presents unique educational opportunities.


Conor Walsh:
Pioneering soft exoskeletons

Directory of Engineering Associations

American Academy of Environmental Engineers
410-266-3311, aaee@aaee.net, www.aaee.net

American Association of Engineering Societies
888-400-2237, www.aaes.org

American Council of Engineering Companies
202-347-7474, acec@acec.org, www.acec.org

American Institute of Chemical Engineers
800-242-4363, www.aiche.org

American Institute of Engineers
510-223-8911, aie@members-aie.org, www.members-aie.org

American Institute of Steel Construction
312-670-2400, www.aisc.org

American Society of Agricultural Engineers
269-428-6333, www.asae.org

American Society of Civil Engineers
800-548-2723, webmaster@asce.org, www.asce.org

American Society for Healthcare Engineering
312-422-3800, www.ashe.org

American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers
800-5-ASHRAE, ashrae@ashrae.org, www.ashrae.org

American Society of Highway Engineers
info@highwayengineers.org, www.highwayengineers.org

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
212-705-7722, infocentral@asme.org, www.asme.org

American Society of Naval Engineers
703-836-6727, www.navalengineers.org

American Society of Petroleum Operations Engineers
703-768-4159, 800-918-8962, aspoe@crosslink.net, www.aspoe.org

American Society of Plumbing Engineers
805-495-7120, aspehq@aol.com, www.aspe.org

ASFE, Inc.
(formerly Associated Soil & Foundation Engineers)
301-565-2733, asfe@aol.com, www.asfe.org

Association of Energy Engineers
770-447-5083, info@aeecenter.org, www.aeecenter.org

Association for Facilities Engineering
513-489-2473 , www.afe.org

Association of Ground Water Scientists & Engineers
800-551-7379, www.ngwa.org

Biomedical Engineering Society
301-459-1999, bmes@netcom.com, www.bmes.org

Civil Engineering Research Foundation
202-842-0555, 2000@cerf.org

Council of Engineering & Scientific Societies
952-838-3268, info@cesse.org, Corie@cesse.org

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
212-419-7900, www.ieee.org

Institute of Noise Control Engineering
914-462-4006, hq@ince.org, www.inceusa.org

Institute of Industrial Engineers
770-449-0461, cs@iienet.org, www.iienet.org

Institute of Transportation Engineers
202-554-8050, www.ite.org

Instrument Society of America
919-549-8411, info@isa.org, www.isa.org

Investigative Engineers Association
800-523-3680, (954) 537-5556, www.ienga.net

National Association of Corrosion Engineers International
281-228-6200, msd@mail.nace.org, www.nace.org

National Council of Structural Engineers Associations
312-649-4600, www.ncsea.com

National Institute of Ceramic Engineers
352-392-3163, www.acers.org

National Society of Architectural Engineers
785-232-5707, http://energy.arce.ukans.edu/nsae/main

National Society of Black Engineers
703-549-2207, www.NSBE.org

National Society of Professional Engineers
888-285-6773, customer.service@nspe.org, www.nspe.org

Society for the Advancement of Materials & Process Engineering
626-331-0616, SAMPEIBO@aol.com, www.sampe.org

Society of American Military Engineers
800-336-3097, www.same.org

Society of Automotive Engineers
412-776-4841, sae@sae.org, www.sae.org

Society for Biological Engineering
212-591-7616, bio@aiche.org, http://bio.aiche.org

Society of Manufacturing Engineers
800-733-4763, www.sme.org

Society of Petroleum Engineers
800-456-6863, 972-952-9393, spedal@spe.org, www.spe.org

Society of Women Engineers
312-596-5223, www.societyofwomenengineers.org

Tau Beta Pi
Engineering honor society


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